On Sunday, Feb. 12, our sixteenth president of the United States turns 203 years old. Standing at a whopping six feet, four inches, Lincoln played a vital role in preserving the Union during the Civil War. His presidency led to the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of slavery. 

Unfortunately, Abe Lincoln's second term was cut short when he was assassinated on April 14, 1865, by actor John Wilkes Booth while attending a play at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.

As Abraham Lincoln's 203rd birthday approaches, here are five ways to celebrate the sixteenth president of the united states:

Buy a New Hat

Lincoln was known for wearing a tall stovepipe hat. What some don't realize is that his hat held other purposes than just covering his head. Abraham Lincoln used the hat to store letters and other documents.

Lincoln's birthday is a great opportunity to treat your head to a brand-new hat. Go bold with your very own stovepipe hat, stay warm with a beanie, or keep it casual in a baseball cap.

Play With Lincoln Logs

Lincoln as a boy in 1818 lived in a one-room log cabin home in Indiana. The cabin was thought to be 16 x 18 feet, it had a dirt floor, stone fireplace, and one door and window.

Dust off your old Lincoln Logs to celebrate Lincoln's heritage. Build your very own log cabin. Maybe you'll have an extravagant cabin with four windows, or maybe you'll keep it low key like Abe Lincoln's original home.


Sport a beard for the day

Abraham Lincoln was the first United States President to sport a beard in office. Since his presidency only four presidents have had full beards while in office.

For Lincoln's 203rd birthday grow yourself a beard. Even if you're a lady you can still sport some facial hair for the 16th president by drawing one on or getting a fake stick on beard.


Watch wrestling, or have your own match

When Abraham Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois in 1831, he encountered a rowdy crowd named the Clary's Grove boys. The Clary's Grove boys boasted that they could wrestle better than any other group in Illinois. Jack Armstrong, leader of the Clary's Grove boys, challenged Abraham Lincoln to a wrestling match after Lincoln's employer boasted of his physical and mental strength. Both boys put on a good fight, but neither could throw the other down. The fight ended amicably with Lincoln and Armstrong becoming great friends.

Find a wrestling match on TV, or express your friendship by challenging a buddy to a wrestling match. Nobody needs to be the clear winner. End your match with a handshake and celebrate the union of your friendship, just like Abraham Lincoln and Jack Armstrong did.


Walk on stilts

During Lincoln's presidency, most men stood at an average of five feet, six inches. Lincoln on the other hand was six feet, four inches, making him the tallest President. It is said that when seated, Abraham Lincoln was about the same size the average man.

If your height is feet below Lincoln's, slap on a pair of heels, jump on a pogo stick, or acquire a pair of stilts. Keep your head high as you celebrate Abraham Lincoln's 203rd birthday.