Game developer Activision said on Wednesday that it has successfully launched a number of titles across North America for the upcoming, next-generation game consoles to be released this weekend.

The Santa-Monica Calif.-based firm's lineup includes a number of popular franchises including Tony Hawk's Project 8, Call of Duty 3 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the new Nintendo and Sony consoles. These titles anchor Activision's holiday offerings.

This holiday season ushers in an exciting time in the video game industry, said Robin Kaminsky, executive vice president of Activision Publishing. Each of the console platforms offers a unique opportunity to provide fun and innovating gaming experiences to audiences worldwide.

Sales of video-games declined overall, for October, seeing a 1 percent year-over-year decline, despite strong double digit growth in the prior four months. Activision took a hit, seeing US software sales slip 35 percent year-over-year, according to research firm NPD.

Analysts remain hopeful for the company, however, pointing to the company's upcoming titles and strong franchises.