Red 5 Studios has announced that it has cast Lee Reherman as model for 'Typhon' a powerful war hero character in 'Firefall', an online shooting game.

Lee Reherman is popular for portraying the role of 'Hawk' in American Galadiators and has played multiple characters in Disney channel and movies.

Red 5 said that Lee Reherman is the perfect person to play the character of Firefall because of his effervescent personality and athleticism. Moreover, Lee Reherman looks similar to Typhon.

Lee Reherman feature in at least six shows during 2012. He will be cast for shooting live action too.

Fans can update the upcoming appearance for both Lee Reherman as Typhon and Crystal Graziano as Mourningstar on the official Firefall blog (

Check out how the Typhon character comes alive through actor Lee Reherman!