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iPhone 5 Release Date, Features: 3D Camera Likely, What About Other Specs?

Apple iPhone 5 rumors mill were in action since last year when people speculated the fifth generation iPhone to be iPhone 5, but instead Apple fanboys had to be satisfied with iPhone 4S, which is a mere update over iPhone 4. And, though iPhone 5's debut is not expected until at least June, if not later, it hasn't stopped people from continuing to speculate what features it will carry. And guess what? The latest rumor claims that the sixth generation iPhone will boast of 3D camera.

April Fools Pranks: Top 10 Apps to Play Pranks on Your Friends (Photos)

April Fool'sDay is finally here, putting everyone on edge to play pranks on others and also be the victim of a prank. In today's tech-driven world, what easier way to pull a prank than using your smartphone? There are tons of apps out there, both for Apple and Android phones, which can make your day - and your victim's - memorable.

Creepy 'Girls Around Me' App Gets Busted by FourSquare, Raises Privacy Concerns

The Girls Around Me iPhone app, developed by Moscow-based company iFree, is a stalker's dream, and should be a wake-up call for appropriate privacy settings on Facebook. The app has been around since December, but it's avoided the radar so far, buried in the hundreds of thousands of apps in Apple's App Store, until Cult of Mac brought it to light.

Double Fine Adventure Success Ignites New Interest in KickStarter

The great success of Double Fine Adventure seems to be catching on to other crowd-funded video game projects as well, according to a post on the company's Kickstarter blog. Now, thanks to the rocketing success of the adventure game, many other Kickstarter projects are benefiting, and it's not just games.

Nokia Lumia 900 For Free? Yes, Says AT&T (But You Better Hurry)

Anticipation is already building up ahead of the Nokia Lumia 900 launch, intended to be the breakout device for Windows Phone. Starting Friday, March 30, the phone went on sale for pre-orders, and there are some amazing deals available. In fact, if you hurry, you might just be able to grab Lumia 900 for free even!

iPhone 5 Rumors: From Release Date to Features, Specs (All You Need to Know)

There are always a lot of rumors ahead of the launch of the new device, especially if Apple is involved, and as the new iPad is out, anticipation is now building up for the iPhone 5. Needless to say, there are increasingly more rumors piling up around the next-generation iPhone, but we need to draw a line between facts and fiction - or at least try.

Expedia accuses Google of breaching EU regulators

Online travel agency Expedia on Friday accused Google of breaching EU rules with a formal complaint to EU antitrust regulators as it joined a dozen other firms that have taken their case to the European Commission in the last two years.

Angry Birds Space: Worth Downloading?

Angry Birds Space is the sequel to the original Angry Birds, which has 700 million downloads across all platforms (and counting). Can the sequel continue the legacy established in 2010?

Xbox 360 Vulnerable to Credit Card Theft?

Credit card information is being reportedly picked clean from refurbished Xbox 360s, along with other personal information. Microsoft is investigating the claims.

HTC One X Release Date: What Does Pre-Launch Unboxing Video Have to Tell Us

The HTC One X is set to go on sale in parts of China and Europe on April 2, marking the company's first big release of 2012. However, days before the official debut, we have the first unboxing of the much-anticipated device, giving us a glimpse of HTC's newest and greatest smartphone just ahead of launch.

Star Trek-like Tricorder Now a Reality: Why We're so Excited?

Star Trek has made an entire world imagine the unimaginable and dream of the unthinkable, from the magical teleports to the glorious tricorders that are able to diagnose any injury or illness or analyze the environment of ships, planets and other structures. Now, Trekkies may be just one step closer to their dream: the Star Trek tricorder has become a reality.
Apple's iOS Vs Google's Android: Which Is more Profitable and Why?

iPhone 4 Owners Can Get $15 From Apple's 'Antennagate' Settlement: Find Out How

Following the whole Antennagate debacle, Apple iPhone 4 owners can now collect a cool $15 in cash settlement for their phone's antenna issues. A Web page with the inspired name of has popped up and gone live on Thursday, March 29, allowing iPhone 4 owners affected by the smartphone's antenna troubles to collect their cash settlement.

What is Faster Than 50 Million Laptops? (Hint: It's Not Superman)

We are witnessing the beginning of a new age in computing, an age that will allow computers to perform even thousands of times faster than the fastest supercomputer of our days. Those computers will operate on the exaFLOP level and are expected to appear by the end of the decade.



Thanksgiving History: Where Did It All Begin?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated annually to remember the alliance between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag people in 1621. Today, Americans view Thanksgiving as a day to...