Articles by Surojit Chatterjee

April Fools Pranks: Top 10 Apps to Play Pranks on Your Friends (Photos)

April Fool'sDay is finally here, putting everyone on edge to play pranks on others and also be the victim of a prank. In today's tech-driven world, what easier way to pull a prank than using your smartphone? There are tons of apps out there, both for Apple and Android phones, which can make your day - and your victim's - memorable.

Expedia accuses Google of breaching EU regulators

Online travel agency Expedia on Friday accused Google of breaching EU rules with a formal complaint to EU antitrust regulators as it joined a dozen other firms that have taken their case to the...

Angry Birds Space: Worth Downloading?

Angry Birds Space is the sequel to the original Angry Birds, which has 700 million downloads across all platforms (and counting). Can the sequel continue the legacy established in 2010?

Xbox 360 Vulnerable to Credit Card Theft?

Credit card information is being reportedly picked clean from refurbished Xbox 360s, along with other personal information. Microsoft is investigating the claims.