Beautiful actress Emma Roberts is not comfortable about her complexion. The 24-year-old had to go PhotoShop-free in a shoot for lingerie brand Aerie for American Eagle, but she was not worried about showing her body -- just her skin tone.

“I definitely have a complex about being pale because I’ve been made fun of my whole life, so I was nervous about that,” Roberts told People after finishing the photo shoot for Aerie’s Fall 2015 campaign. The actress is one of the stars of the upcoming #AerieREAL campaign, where the pictures of the models are not PhotoShopped. The brand believes in projecting the real women.

The actress said that when she was a little girl and she used to get teased on how pale her legs looked. “When I was a kid, everyone would be like, ‘Your legs are so pale! I can’t believe you’re wearing a dress!’ And I would get so embarrassed,” Roberts told the magazine. She added that she would use tanning sprays. But now, when she looks back at her childhood pictures, she wants to tell her younger self, "Stop spray-tanning so much. Just own it.”

Roberts also talked about why she loved getting featured in the Aerie campaign. The actress said she “loved the messaging behind it” and found the whole idea very “inspiring” for every woman. “Yes, I’m an actress, but I’m also a real girl. Seeing [PhotoShopped] ads, you get kind of bummed. You’re like, ‘Ugh, do these people really look like that?'”

Roberts wants to tell girls to shed their insecurities and face their real selves. She wants women to focus more on their inner beauty by being fit and healthy. “I hope that with this campaign they start seeing ‘real,’ as beautiful and just who you are, inside and out,” she added.