Actress Blake Lively has designed a dress in collaboration with Amour Vert for Preserve. The 27-year-old mother of one -- and wife of actor Ryan Reynolds -- wears many hats: She is a spokesmodel, lifestyle guru and red carpet goddess, according to E! Online.

The star shared her first-ever dress design on Instagram on Tuesday. “I may not be able to draw worth a lick, but I am proud of this dress I co-designed with Amour Vert for @preserve_us.  “You better send me pics if you buy it! I want to share your photos!! #PRSRV so I see it,” the new designer captioned the picture.

Made entirely of silk, the delicate yet very feminine, modern dress features an ivory tie-top and billowing printed skirt in champagne hue. Amour Vert is French for “green love,” and it is a green fashion line with a zero-waste design philosophy. It means that this dress is eco-friendly. The picture shows the actress holding the edges of the skirt, while modeling the summery cutout dress. She is seen looking at the skirt and has teamed up the dress with a pair of hot pink shoes. The block heel shoes feature a buckle.

By the look of the background it appears that the actress is doing a dress fitting. The picture shows lots of dresses hanging nearby. There are shoes on the floor and a cabinet is also seen behind. The ensemble is available for pre-order on the website.

The actress has a keen fashion sense. There was a time when the fashion icon wore eight spectacular outfits in one day. Lively was then busy promoting her new film “The Age of Adaline” in April. She has been the face of Chanel and Gucci, but she admitted that her drawing skills are not up to the mark and added in a previous Instagram post that they look like hangmen. 

Speaking to German magazine Jolie in March, Lively talked about her future fashion design plans. The actress said that she could see herself starting a clothing label one day. But, at the same time, little James’ momma added that right now there was no time for it as she couldn’t take any more sleep deprivation.