Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed a child into the world over the holidays. The celebrity couple, who married in 2012, managed to keep the baby’s birth a secret until the New York Post’s Page Six reported the news Monday. But a nurse appears to have divulged some of the duo’s most coveted secrets.

A worker at Westchester Medical Center allegedly tweeted the sex and baby name of the child, the news site claimed. Then she followed up with, “I think I’m in trouble.” The tweet by @kimbanksy was deleted and the username was deleted also, but not before Jezebel took a screengrab of the picture.

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, pictured at the May 2014 screening of "Captives," reportedly welcomed their first child around the holidays. Photo: Reuters

News that Lively and Reynolds welcomed a child early has gone viral, yet the former “Gossip Girl” has yet to confirm the news on social media. Instead, she wished her Instagram followers a “Happy New Year” and shared a photo of a painting. The next day, the actress promoted her lifestyle website Preserve and instructed her followers to find prints there. “I incorporated parts of it into my PreserveHome collaboration with @ashleylongshoreart Now we'll all have the same art in our homes.” Then she added the hashtag “tooprettyforapillowfight” and added, “or is it?”

Lively, 27, posted several pictures of her baby bump on Instagram, but the Hollywood starlet isn’t generally active on social media and it's unlikely she would post her baby news there. While her husband posts to Twitter more often, most of his posts aren’t personal. In fact, Reynolds, a native Canadian, describes himself as a “gifted figure skater” and “exaggerator” on the 140-character social media site.

On Instagram, the actor is a little different. Reynolds, who recently grew out a beard, didn’t mention his new baby. Instead, he posted pictures of his godson. The last time the actor posted, he mourned the death of ESPN anchor Stuart Scott and quoted one of his signature catch phrases: “Cool As the Other Side of the Pillow.”

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