Grammy winner Adele, who swept the awards show with best album, record and song of the year, told reporters backstage that being forced to rest her voice after recent surgery was a welcome change.

It's actually been really, really peaceful, said the radiant 23-year old British chanteuse after the awards show during which she belted out a soaring rendition of Rolling In the Deep in her first live performance since vocal cord surgery late last year.

After it was over, her doctors ordered her not to speak and to rest her voice.

It was a bit traumatic with having to have the surgery, she said, but noted that she enjoyed having to quiet down in such a loud world. Everything is so noisy in my world, it was actually a bit of a blessing in disguise, she said.

Thank God my voice healed and I stuck to all the rules that they gave me, and I've actually never been happier. I found great happiness when I was ill. I was glad to be back, but I really enjoyed having to be quiet. I'm so mouthy it was quite nice to be forced to be quiet, she said.