The heated debate of the San Francisco circumcision ban referendum has produced an anti-circumcision comic book called Foreskin Man.

The comic is created by Matthew Hess, president of MGMBillOrg, which seeks to introduce legislation to stop the practice of circumcision, or what he calls male genital mutilation (MGM). 

It is still widely considered to be legal in this country to mutilate a boy's genitals in the name of social custom, hygiene, religion, or any other reason. This is true despite the well documented lifelong damage that male circumcision causes each of its victims, said Hess.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League claims the practice of circumcision is protected by free speech and religious freedom.  As for Hess' comic, the ADL said it was offensive and anti-Semitic.  Below are select images taken from Hess' comic series Foreskin Man.


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