There were a lot of big reveals on Sunday’s episode of “The Affair.” As previously reported, last week’s Season 2 premiere focused on Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) and Noah Solloway’s (Dominic West) narratives as they tried to end their marriage amicably.

On the second episode two new perspectives were introduced: Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) and his estranged wife Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson).

Alison's Narrative:

Alison’s narrative showed what the former waitress did the day Noah had to go into the city to meet with Helen and their divorce mediator. As fans will remember, this was the main storyline in the premiere episode. It’s clear in Alison’s perspective that she’s bored with her new life. Once Noah left for his meeting, Alison wandered around their rented cabin and spotted Noah’s unfinished book manuscript on the table. She briefly shoveled through the first few pages but didn’t read the book.

When Alison couldn’t find anything to do she started to walk the six miles to town but was offered a ride by Robert (Peter Friedman), who owns the cabin at which she and Noah are staying. After a few hours in town, Alison headed back to her house only to find Cole standing in the living room reading Noah’s manuscript. Cole said he was there to drop off the rest of her belongings.

According to Alison’s narrative, Cole was hostile toward her and got angry when she didn’t want to talk to him. At one point, he asked to use the bathroom, but she told him it was broken. She reluctantly let her soon-to-be ex fix the toilet and waited outside on the back deck for him. While Alison was waiting for Cole to finish, Robert’s wife Yvonne (Joanna Gleason) stopped by and invited Alison to her house for tea. When Yvonne asked Alison about Cole, she lied and said he was her friend. Later on Yvonne offers Alison a job as her personal assistant, which caused a fight between Alison and Noah.

As Alison was making dinner, Noah arrived home after spending the day with the divorce mediator and seemed a bit grumpy toward Alison. The two got into a brief fight when he thought Alison had read his manuscript. She never told him about Cole's surprise visit.

Cole's Narrative:

In Cole's flashback, he's driving a cab and picked up Bruce Butler (John Doman ), Helen's father. During their car ride, Bruce revealed he was going to leave his wife and had fallen in love with someone else. It's not clear if Cole knew who Bruce was.

After dropping Bruce off, Cole nearly ran over a child and is introduced to Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno). As previously reported, Luisa will eventually become Cole's new love interest.

Cole also had a run-in with his brother Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell ) about the family's money problems. Scotty wanted Cole to force Alison into selling their home so he could get half the money and help the family out of their financial situation. Cole clearly wasn't in the mood to discuss selling his home and threatened to run Scotty over with his car.

Following their brief altercation, Cole drove home only to find Alison's friend Jane (Nicolette Robinson) trying to pack up the rest of Alison's clothes. Cole forced Jane into telling him where Alison was living with Noah. In his flashback, viewers also learned about Cole’s drug problem. During one of his cab rides he fell asleep behind the wheel and almost got into a head-on collision. To keep himself awake, Cole did a little cocaine and then hightailed it to Alison's house.

Fans of the show already know to expect each narrative to have a few conflicting stories, but Alison and Cole's versions of what happened at the cabin are dramatically different.

In Alison's perspective, Cole was hostile and she seemed afraid he was there. However, in Cole's narrative Alison was extremely welcoming and even cooked him breakfast. In his version, the two had a deep conversation about their failed romance and Alison begged Cole to keep in touch with her. We should also point out that Cole's perspective doesn't include him meeting Yvonne.

In The Present:

In the present, several key things were revealed. Viewers learned Noah and Alison at some point got married and had a baby daughter together. Alison was also not happy about Helen being so involved in Noah's case.

Before going inside the courtroom to hear Noah's charges, Alison bumped into Cole, who seemed to be in better spirits. The episode ended with Noah getting charged with obstruction of justice, leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular homicide.