Namibia is the most dangerous place to drive a car, according to a study from the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan. 

Analysts looked at data from the World Health Organization to determine a fatality rate from road averages by country.

The “safest” place to drive is the Maldives, with a rate of just two per 100,000 people. But considering it has a population of just under 400,000 people that isn’t such a big accomplishment.

The United Kingdom, with a rate of just five, is must more impressive.

China and Brazil both rank 22 – just four above the global average of 18 per hundred thousand.

Meanwhile, five of the top 10 most dangerous countries to drive in are in Africa.

Namibia tops the list with a rate of 45, while Sudan, Swaziland, Congo and the Central African Republic all rank in the 30s.

Here’s a map that shows which countries are the most dangerous.

Driving Fatality Rates Worldwide Countries in Africa and Asia are the most dangerous for drivers. Photo: Transportation Research Initiative

Here are the top 20 most dangerous countries to drive in. 

Driving Fatality Rate By Country Namibia tops the list of the world's most dangerous countries to drive in. Photo: Transportation Research Institute