“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1, episode 5 will finally give Peggy (Hayley Atwell) an official mission from the SSR and it’ll reunite her with old friends. The Howling Commandos return in a sneak peek video from the episode. Plus, a new friend turns out not to be so loyal in another clip.

Sneak Peek No. 1

Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) is leading his men and Peggy through Eastern Europe, and of course, Peggy is sent to the back. However, as the men hear something strange, Peggy decides to make her way to the front. “Emmu,” the voice says.

“Carter, Dugan forgot the password again,” another voice says.

Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough) and his men come out of the shadows and introduce themselves. However, it seems that Dum Dum needs no introduction. The men are a little star struck around him.

“Dugan, you fought side by side with Captain America, didn’t you?” Ramirez (Greg Sirano) asks.

“Yeah, but not as long as she did,” Dugan says as he looks at Peggy.

Dugan tells Jack that his plan to cross the Russian border won’t go smoothly. He has trucks nearby to drive through Lithuania. “Peggy, let’s go,” he calls.

Watch the sneak peek video from “Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1, episode 5 below:

Sneak Peek No. 2

Peggy will stop by the diner before she heads over to Europe. It seems she can’t avoid Dottie (Bridget Regan) any longer. The blonde has crashed Peggy’s breakfast to talk tourism, but Peggy is distracted by Jarvis’ (James D’Arcy) business card. They likely haven’t spoken since Peggy’s falling out with Howard (Dominic Cooper) in episode 4. Once Dottie catches Peggy’s attention, Agent Carter tells her to avoid tourist traps and go to Brooklyn to get to know the people.

“But I’d rather see the Statue of Liberty,” Dottie says.

“Oh, she’ll still be there,” Peggy says. “But what she represents, the spirit of Lady Liberty, is found in its people.”

“Wow, you sounded just like Captain America just now,” Dottie says.

Then Dottie knocks Peggy’s purse over, but it’s not an accident. Although she plays it off as being clumsy, Dottie swipes Peggy’s keys when she picks up the secret agent's belongings. It seems the blonde has her own secrets.

Watch the sneak peek video from “Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1, episode 5 below:

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1, episode 5 airs Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. What do you think Dottie wants from Peggy’s apartment? Sound off in the comments section below!