Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1, episode 3 showed Peggy (Hayley Atwell) doing more than just saving Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) inventions. This week, she had to save Jarvis’ (James D’Arcy) life. The SSR was determined to arrest him in order to get to Stark, but Peggy wasn’t about to let that happen. She needed him to finally find Stark’s missing weapons.

While the men were investigating the apartment of Leet Brannis (James Frain), Peggy had a less exciting morning. She watched a girl get kicked out of her building. She had a man in her apartment, and building rules say that men can’t go above the first floor. While her landlord said the building was impossible to get into without anyone knowing, Peggy realized no one could have broken into Stark’s house without being detected. She had to investigate the scene of the crime.

The men at the SSR were doing their own crime solving. They found that Brannis was using his typewriter to communicate, but they still weren’t sure what he was doing. They discovered that Stark owned the bumper that was in the Roxxon wreckage. They went to the Stark house to question Jarvis about the car.

Peggy went to investigate Stark’s vault. She thought she might be able to figure out who broke in, but the SSR came knocking on the door. They wanted to question Jarvis, so Peggy had to hide behind a plant and hoped that they wouldn’t come in.

The men asked about the bumper they found. Jarvis said that he filed a car report, but the men supposedly couldn’t find it. They took him down to the station to question him. Agent Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) revealed that he knew Jarvis had been charged with treason at one point, and that made him sweat. The men told Agent Carter that he was close to breaking and revealing everything.

Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) claimed that Jarvis' stolen car report was lost, but it was right in front of him. Lying was the only legal way they could hold Stark's butler. Peggy swiped the report while he wasn’t looking and gave the stolen car report back to Chief Dooley while the door to Jarvis’ holding room was open. Thompson couldn’t finish questioning him. It got Agent Carter in major trouble, but it kept Jarvis safe.

Peggy went to the Stark vault after Jarvis was released, and they went down into a massive hole in the floor that led to the sewers below. Peggy realized if Brannis was the one to break in, he could have used the sewers to sail his stolen weapons to the river.

While in the sewers, Jarvis revealed that he was charged with treason because he saved a Jewish girl during World War II. He had to forge a signature, which got him in trouble. Stark quickly saved Jarvis and the girl, and the charges were dropped.

At the end of the sewers in the river, Peggy and Jarvis found a ship with the heart symbol that Brannis drew in the dirt. The boat held Stark’s stolen inventions, and Peggy wanted to call it in. She thought this would be the way that she won approval from her colleagues, but Jarvis wouldn’t let her.

“I will call it in and they will respect me,” she said.

“But they won’t,” Jarvis said. “They will only use it to tear you down.”

It had been a slow night for Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer) and Souza (Enver Gjokaj) before the call. They talked about how Peggy wouldn’t take Krzeminski’s shift, and Krzeminski suspected Souza liked Peggy a little too much.

“No girl is going to trade in a red, white and blue shield for a metal crutch,” Krzeminski told Souza.

Their night took a turn when Peggy had Jarvis call Souza and leave an anonymous tip in a hilarious American accent. Of course, it couldn’t be that easy. A big guy attacked Peggy while Jarvis called the SSR. He said he wasn’t afraid to kill a woman.

Luckily, Jarvis came in to distract him. He started to attack Jarvis, and Peggy used one of Howard’s inventions to make her attacker’s muscles stop working. Peggy and Jarvis left, and he still couldn’t move by the time Souza and Krzeminski got there.

Krzeminski took the attacker and the guy started to talk about a British girl. It seemed like he was about to reveal Peggy’s identity, but the car was rear-ended. Krzeminski got out of the car and a man with a silencer on his gun shot Krzeminski and the criminal Peggy left behind. Presumably, it’s the same anonymous man that killed Peggy’s roommate in the premiere.

Peggy didn’t take his death well. She went to Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) and told her a co-worker died. Although he was rude and mean, he was a good agent who didn’t deserve to die. The moment of vulnerability may have won her a friend.

Chief Dooley blamed Stark for the agent’s death. He thought that they wouldn’t be in danger if they weren’t looking for Stark’s inventions. The chief was more determined than ever to find Howard Stark and arrest him.

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Was Jarvis right to tell Peggy not to take responsibility for finding the stolen weapons or does he have an ulterior motive? Sound off in the comments section below!