There will be romance and the Darkforce in “Agent Carter” Season 2, executive producers of the show teased in a recent interview. Cast members Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy also discussed some of the plot elements of the show in another interview.

A new element from the comic books that will be introduced in the TV series and also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time is the Darkforce. Speaking to ComicBookResources, executive producer Michele Fazekas explained that Darkforce is a substance that “affects different people differently.” One of the main quests for Peggy (Atwell) in the next season is to find out what exactly this substance is.

Fazekas said that when some of the characters come to know about Darkforce on the show, they are not sure what it is. They had put in a lot of research on the subject to know its properties, like whether it is a solid, liquid or smoke. Fazekas, however, did not elaborate more on what Darkforce is exactly.

Darkforce may have something to do with energy research. Executive producer Tara Butters pointed out that the 1940s is the time when atomic energy was being researched and people were looking for new sources of energy. Fazekas said that in “Agent Carter” Season 2, while scientists are trying to find a new source of energy, they may find this new substance.

Peggy could also meet some new people next year whom she may get romantically involved with. Fazekas said her new relationship will be “complicated” and it won’t be a normal situation where she meets someone new and falls in love.

In a report by TVOverMind, Atwell said that the next season is going to be “lots of fun!” The actress said Peggy had moved on from the death of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and is “at a better place in her life.” She also added that her character is now ready to get romantically involved with other people.

Peggy will also have more self-confidence and will fight “a bit harder” in “Agent Carter” Season 2, according to Atwell. The actress said the character had proved her capabilities in the first season and now knows her own value as an agent. Atwell later added that despite Peggy’s achievements, she will still have to face the social limitations of the 1940s.