Jarvis will not like being in the sun and Peggy will look good in sunglasses in “Agent Carter” Season 2, the cast members of the TV series said in a recent interview. The two main characters will be heading to Hollywood in the next season and take on a dangerous new mission.

According to a report by ComicBookResources, Hayley Atwell (Peggy) and James D’Arcy (Jarvis) talked about the possible reactions their characters will have when they travel to Hollywood. “I don't think Jarvis wants any sun at all,” D’Arcy said and added that Peggy will look good in sunglasses. The actor also said his character will have a “spectacularly British reaction” to the beaches in Los Angeles.

“I can imagine myself sitting in a Cadillac with a headscarf and some fabulous sunglasses,” Atwell said. The actress hoped that Peggy gets Jarvis to drive her around in the new city and D’Arcy wants to drive a convertible in the next season.

Peggy will be much movie confident in “Agent Carter: Season 2,” Atwell revealed. She said her character now knows what her capabilities are and is also aware that she is resourceful. She pointed out that in the first season her character was still grieving the loss of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), but now Peggy is said to be ready to move on.

D’Arcy emphasized that Jarvis has also “earned his stripes” by helping Peggy in the first season. He said that although his character isn’t part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, he has been performing just like an agent and expects that his character will get a gun this time around.

According to a report by SlashFilm, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee told reporters at the Television Critics Association that the TV series will focus on the glamour of Hollywood from the 1940s in the next season. He later added that Atwell is enjoying herself in the new environment.

“Agent Carter” Season 2 is expected to air sometime in January 2016. The cast also includes Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, Chad Michael Murray as Jack Thompson and Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa.