“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 2 will throw another crazy villain at Peggy (Hayley Atwell), but she won’t look the way comic book fans might expect her to. Madame Masque (Wynn Everett), a.k.a. Whitney Frost, will look much more innocent when she first appears on the ABC period drama.

In videos released by ABC, Everett is in costume and doesn’t look too much like her metal-masked comic book counterpart. She’ll blend in with the rest of Peggy’s world in typical ‘40s clothing with no mask to be seen (yet). She explains that although she doesn’t look the same, her history is much like the comics. She was born Giuletta Nefaria, but her father gave her up so that she could avoid a life of crime. She was raised as Whitney Frost, but now she is a socialite and actress.

“My physicality is so important to my work and my job, and they’ve really tied that in in an amazing way to the story of Whitney in the ‘40s,” Everett said. “It’s so similar and so different, and yet honors the Marvel world in an incredible way.”

Executive producer Tara Butters previously warned fans that Madame Masque would look different from the comics. “I think we’ve changed the look of her a bit obviously,” Butters told /Film in August. “We’ve made her an actress, which is very Hedy Lamar. She was a '40s siren actress who was also a scientific genius, so that’s part of what we’re mining with this character.”

The producers didn’t hint if “Agent Carter” fans would see Whitney with a mask soon, but they did reveal that the villain will be fairly similar to the hero. “We kind of look at two very different roles between Whitney and Peggy,” Butters told ABC, “And how both of them kind of find their own power and how two strong women can end up on two totally different tracks.”

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 2 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.