It was a little weird for fans of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” to see Coulson without a tie this season, so it might be jarring for those viewers to see the below clip of “Lip Sync Battle.” Clark Gregg went full-on Britney Spears on the Spike competition series.

Gregg chose the Spears classic “Toxic” for his battle, and it appeared to have been a fitting choice. He plays a spy on the ABC drama, and Brit did the same in her 2003 music video. Of all of the costumes he could have chosen, Gregg went with the iconic flight attendant look.

Watch the “Lip Sync Battle” sneak-peek video below:

Gregg’s “Lip Sync Battle” opponent is none other than “Marvel’s Agent Carter” star Hayley Atwell. The actress, who plays Peggy Carter on both the TV show and in the “Captain America” films, has a well-documented lip sync rivalry with Gregg. The Marvel stars began a war using the Dubsmash application during San Diego Comic-Con last year, and they eventually turned it into a charity competition. The “Agent Carter” cast won (and raised $79,259 for Stomp Out Bullying), but Gregg is obviously going all out to win the title back for the “Agents of SHIELD” cast.

“An opportunity presented itself to settle a very personal score. Once and for all. To the death,” Gregg tells viewers in another video. Watch him and Atwell announce their battle below:

Gregg’s performance is obviously pretty great, but don’t count out Atwell just yet. She has been able to practice her lip syncing and choreography on her show. “Agent Carter” Season 2 had a big musical number in a dream sequence. Will the actress be able to win over the “Lip Sync Battle” crowd? It looks like she’ll be just as extravagant as Gregg. Photographs of her performance hint she’ll be channeling another pop superstar, Lady Gaga.

Lip Sync Battle Agent Carter It looks like Hayley Atwell chose a Lady Gaga song for her “Lip Sync Battle” appearance. Photo: Spike

“Lip Sync Battle” Season 2, episode 13 airs on Spike Thursday, April 21, at 10 p.m. EDT.