Air Jordan XX8 photos hit Twitter Monday evening, and the initial reaction is a consensus that the black-and-green sneakers are "hideous," as Twitter user @SwagSociety704 tweeted just minutes after the photos hit.

Twitter user @Dnuon12709 hated the shoes, too, offering the following Tweet Monday evening:

"Ehhhh borderline horrible," he said, echoing the thoughts of many others who can't stand the AJ XX8.

The sneakers were introduced to the public during Monday's mega-hyped "#DareToFly" event, which featured celebrities and NBA players. The following Tweet from the official Jordan account summed up the company's message:

"The lightest, most responsive Air Jordan of all time is coming. in the Air Jordan XX8."

But despite all the hype, the public seems to reject the AJ XX8s, as evidenced by tweets like this one from Twitter user @IssayKD35 :

"ewwww the Air Jordan XX8 looks soooo ugly. are you supposed to wear those gloves on the shoes when you play basketball?"

The high-top sneakers, which feature super-bright neon-green mesh around the ankle and tongue, with a black Air Jordan symbol overlaid, have one odd feature which seems to be the root of much of the complaining about the Air Jordan XX8's look.

That feature is what can be best described as a black zip-up sheath, which wraps the whole green upper part of the sneaker -- which will go by the shorter nickname of 28s -- in black spandex-like material.

When the sheath is up, the shoe looks more like a scuba diving boot than a basketball sneaker. And when it is folded down, it looks like some kind of futuristic UGG boot, and the inside of the sheath reveals a neon-green "23," in honor of Michael Jordan's jersey number.

And then there is the sole. The sides of the rubber sole are an odd purple-lavender color that does not really match the color scheme of the rest of the AJ XX8. But the shoe does feature what the Jordan folks described as our "game-changing 'Jordan Flight Plate', unlocking the power of Nike Zoom units," which looks pretty cool in the first photos of the 28s to be released.

Twitter absolutely exploded in the first minutes after the first Air Jordan XX8 photos were tweeted out by the official Jordan account.

The AJ 28s were released during the #DareToFly mega-event, which featured movie director and diehard New York Knicks basketball fan Spike Lee and the shoe's designers, who expounded on the virtues of the shoes.

The event also featured ballers like Knick star Carmelo Anthony, and Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, who will likely wear them Tuesday against the Brooklyn Nets, according to the following tweet from the official Jordan account:

"You know Russell Westbrook will in the AJ XX8. Keep an eye on his kicks tomorrow."

And some people on Twitter actually liked them, though they were drowned out by the hordes of haters.

For instance, Twitter user @TonyTheAsian said in a Monday night tweet that he likes the Air Jordan XX8's appearance:

"The Air Jordan XX8's actually look good. I'd ball in them."

In the end, it's all just a matter of opinion.