Airbus is delivering more aircraft than ever to its global roster of clients and plans to keep production steady, the European aerospace firm reported today.

On Tuesday the EADS Company subsidiary reported 498 deliveries for 2009, or 15 more than in 2008.

“Considering the economic and financial environment we have done rather well in 2009,” said Tom Enders, Airbus CEO and President.

“We plan to keep production at 2008/2009 levels, but we need to remain prudent and flexible. We are not out of the woods yet,” he added.

The company said it received 310 total orders for the year, or 271 net orders excluding cancellations. That figure is a big drop from the nearly 900 orders it received in 2008.

Deliveries were dominated by the company’s small commercial jets, known as the A320 Family. There were 402 deliveries of the planes, which can accommodate up to 185 passengers in a single aisle configuration.
In second place were 86 deliveries of plane models A330 and A340. The jets, which have larger capacities, double aisles, and a longer flight range, can seat up to 380 passengers.

In third place, with 10 deliveries was Airbus’ largest jet, the A380. The double deck jumbo jet, which can fit up to 525 passengers, is intended for long-haul flights for major airport hubs around the world.
The company’s military division also delivered 16 light and medium transport aircraft.