A day after Raiders owner Al Davis died, the Raiders just won, baby...with 10 men on the field for the deciding play.

The day after Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis died, the team pulled out a dramatic, down-to-the-last-play victory over the Houston Texans.

The Raiders' 25-20 win came down to the final play, in which safety Michael Huff intercepted Houston quarterback Matt Schaub's pass in the end zone with no time remaining on the clock.

And Wednesday, news emerged that the final play was even more incredible. The Raiders were playing with 10 men on defense.

That astounding fact was first reported by Pro Football Talk, and a count of the players on NFL.com's Game Rewind service indeed reveals the Raiders were playing with 10 men on the defensive side.

The emotional, dramatic win left Raiders coach Hue Jackson on his knees after the final play was over, and Al's son, Mark, was in tears in a luxury suite.

After the game, Jackson also gave an emotional locker room speech in honor of Davis.

Perhaps no tribute to Davis could have been better than this, one in which everything that could have gone wrong finally did not.