Alan Rickman didn’t stop working in his final months. The actor, who died after battling cancer, had a long career in TV and film dating back to 1978. With over 65 roles on the big and small screens, it’s no surprise that Rickman still has movies that will be released posthumously. Fans can watch him in two more roles in 2016.

“Alice Through The Looking Glass”: Technically viewers won’t watch Rickman in this, but they’ll hear him. The “Harry Potter” actor reprised his role from 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland" and voiced the CGI caterpillar named Absolem.

The movie doesn’t seem to be based on Lewis Carroll’s novel “Through The Looking Glass,” so it isn’t clear exactly how the caterpillar is involved. According to the film’s official synopsis, the movie will largely focus on Alice (Mia Wasikowska) helping the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp). She’ll have run into Absolem while traveling through time in Underland to help her friend. In the trailer, it looks like Absolem, who appears to be a butterfly, might be the one to lead Alice back to her friends.

“Alice Through The Looking Glass” hits theaters on May 27 and is rated PG. Watch the trailer below:

“Eye in the Sky”: Rickman stars alongside Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul in this drama. “I've got a film called ‘Eye in the Sky’ which is a film about the moral responsibilities governments face regarding the use of drones,” Rickman explained to the Oregonian in June 2015.

Rickman plays Lieutenant General Frank Benson, one of the team members who is watching drones target terrorists in Kenya. However, when a little girl is too close to the house that’s being targeted, the government must decide if a child should just be considered collateral damage.

“Eye in the Sky” hits theaters on March 11 and is rated R. Watch the trailer below: