Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio revealed that she is expecting a baby boy in five weeks.

I am having a boy! I am so excited! she said to E!Online.

Because I already have a daughter I know what to expect with a girl, so having a boy means it's going to be surprising all over again. My fiancé is so excited. Now he has company! He won't be in a house full of girls anymore!

The 30-year-old model already has a 3-yearold daughter Anja with Californian businessman Jamie Mazur.

I have wanted a boy for a long time, she said to E!Online. I actually thought my first baby was going to be a boy, but then, of course, was very happy to get a girl. But now I am getting a boy as well, it's absolutely perfect. It's the best news.

She admits she was expecting another girl and had a collection of girls names picked out. On hearing the news, she has enlisted the help of her daughter to come up with new names for her little brother.

Anja is telling everyone how happy she is. I love having a girl, she's super fun. She's really excited and has also come up with a name she would like him to be called. I told her that her name for him can be his nickname, she said.

Ambrosio says she's been having a great pregnancy because she is keeping up with her fitness routine.

I've been very active. I've been exercising. I've been going for walks and doing yoga. Playing with my daughter all the time gets me in good shape I guess, she said.

Besides playtime, the model commits herself to yoga and long walks weekly.

I am feeling really good. My back is starting to hurt a little bit, but I am doing yoga three times a week and taking walks on the beach, so that is helping. I'm waking up every three hours in the night though, so that's not as fun. But aside from that, this pregnancy has been really easy, she told E!Online.

Don't expect this pregnancy to be her last. The VS model says she's not quite done with having kids just yet.

I used to say that I wanted five kids, but we'll see how it goes, she said.