The Yankees fell behind the Tigers 1-0 in the ALCS with their Game One loss on Saturday. While New York was fighting to pick up the victory, Alex Rodriguez seemed to have other things on his mind.

The third baseman was spotted flirting with two women, during the contest. According to the New York Post, Rodriguez sent a ball to the blondes behind the dugout, asking for their phone numbers.

“I watched him flirt with two admittedly very cute young women nearby,’’ said a witness. “Alex was holding a pen and wrote a note on a ball which was thrown at the women by a ball boy. The note asked them to write their phone numbers on the ball and throw it back.”

Rodriguez reportedly began flirting with the women in the bottom of the eighth inning, when Eric Chavez pinch-hit for him. The Yankees came back in the ninth to send the game into extra innings, but they ended up losing 6-4.

With New York trying to mount a comeback, a witness said the 37-year old was more focused on getting the women’s phone numbers than supporting his teammates. He’s struggled mightily in the playoffs, hitting just .130 in 23 at bats.

A-Rod is currently dating former WWE diva Torrie Wilson.