Alexa Chung's dating life is no secret. In the past she has been linked to Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and the Hurts singer Theo Hutchcraft. Most recently she has been spotted with “True Blood” actor Alexander Skarsgard. But the brunette beauty made a startling revelation to Harper's Bazaar magazine, saying she is “nightmare to date.”

“I don’t like being told what to do. And I don’t want to be penned in. I don’t want to feel I have to be anywhere. ... I am quite restless. It makes me a nightmare to date, I think,” Chung told Harper's Bazaar in an exclusive interview. The 31-year-old looks stunning on the cover of the magazine where she dresses in a plunging green floral dress. Other pictures show the British television presenter sitting calmly in a boat filled with flowers.

The British beauty shared her magazine photos on Instagram using a verse from William Shakespeare's “Hamlet.” “And mermaid-like a while they bore her up ... Pulled the poor wretch from her melodious lay/To muddy death.” The picture was reportedly shot in Shotover House in Oxfordshire. The brunette beauty also shared another picture that shows her lying on the grass wearing a blue dress. The novel “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier lies next to the model.

Chung also talked about her views on using artificial means to attain youthful looks. She told the magazine that she is not very keen on using Botox to look youthful. She is inspired by “Horses” singer Patti Smith. The 68-year-old singer does not use Botox and still looks cool, Chung said. She is not completely against the use of such means as there are people “who have had it done who look really good.”

However, Chung thinks that she is too lazy to sometimes even brush her hair, so getting Botox on her face would look like she is “trying really hard.” She firmly believes that “being excitable and passionate is what makes you look good because if you’re engaged in what’s going on, you radiate youth.” She enjoys her work as a television presenter and editor at British Vogue.