Alexander Calder's (1898-1976) long and prolific career landed him a spot as Friday's 'Google Doodle.' The American sculpture, who is known for his colorful mobiles, is arguably one of the most celebrated sculptures from the 20th century.

The artist behind the doodle is Jered Wierzbicki, who stated on The Google Official Blog, that he was inspired by Calder's delicate objects when he wandered through a white room at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

I coded up a very basic demo of a mobile and showed it to a friend, states Wierzbicki, who showed it to one of our doodlers-and then this amazing thing happened: talented artists and engineers who liked the idea just started to help!

What we ended up with is way cooler than anything I could have built on my own.

In Google Chrome, the doodle rotates to the left, as one of Calder's real mobiles might.

I'd like to think Calder would have appreciated the doodle, Wierzbicki states, adding a hint, try it out on a laptop with an accelerometer!

Calder has also been in the news recently because his works, as well as some of Andy Warhol's, will be sold at a charity auction in November for orphaned and other vulnerable children in Africa.

The second Art for Africa auction, which will be held on November 17 in New York, will benefit the Africa Foundation, which supports children in south and eastern Africa's poorest rural communities, reports Reuters.

In case you don't have Chrome, or an advanced browser, watch the video below: