When MTV “The Challenge” star Diem Brown died Friday, many Internet users began to mourn the loss of a fighter who battled three bouts with cancer. E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles supported Brown throughout her illness, and took to Instagram to call the MTV star a “heavenly angel.”

In the message, Quarles talked directly to her friend. “@diembrown I've always told you, you are my earth angel. Now, you are our heavenly angel. I see you dancing in heaven with your mother and grandmother." 

She then went on to tell her she will continue to live on and continue Brown’s legacy. She thanked her friend for the things she taught her. “I promise to live the best life possible for both of us,” she wrote. “Thank you for teaching me grace, faith, tenacity and for the gift of Medgift.com You and I will never end. You are my true, dear love.”

In Brown’s last Instagram post, she vowed to continue to fight. She asked people willing to help with her cause contact Quarles. Her post garnered more than 10,000 likes from her 162,000 followers after it was on the site for an hour.

Before her untimely death, Quarles gave an update on her friend’s condition Tuesday in an E! News clip. The cancer had spread throughout her body she had a “really bad night” the day before. Brown wanted Quarrels to relay a message. She wasn’t giving up. “We’re not giving up, so prayers up,” Quarles said.

Though there was an outpouring of love for her online, some of those closest to her, like former boyfriend Chris “CT” Tamburello, remained quiet hours after her death was announced. However, CT had written a beautiful dedication to the starlet before her passing last Wednesday. He took to Instagram where he made Brown his Woman Crush Wednesday, or WCW, and asked his followers to donate to her MedGift charity.