Alison Brie and Danny Pudi teamed up live on stage to perform a freestyle rap that has “Community” fans missing their beloved and bizarre sitcom even more. The show is due back on Feb. 7 according to NBC, but watching Brie and her band, the "Girls," team up with Pudi is a decent compensation for the long wait.

The video was allegedly recorded on Dec. 14 in the Viper Room in Hollywood. Since being posted on Dec. 15, the video has racked up over 65,000 views.

Fans of the Dan Harmon series that NBC has gotten into a habit of canceling already know that the cast is musically inclined. Pudi who plays the socially challenged media savant, Abed, showed off his beat boxing skills in the first episode during the Troy and Abed closing skits; Donald Glover, who plays Troy, has also established himself as rapper Childish Gambino, and Brie’s innocent character, Annie, sang a few notes in a sexy Santa outfit for a “Glee” bashing Christmas special.  

There is no indication that this was an effort to promote the long-awaited season four premiere, which was originally slated to begin this past fall, but has worked its way back to mid-winter. The show has faced several problems while filming the new episodes, most notably Chevy Chase  leaving the set.

The 69-year-old comedic actor left after coming to a mutual agreement with the producers of the  show; Chase's character, Pierce, will not be in the final one or two episodes of the show's run. The ex-SNL star apparently had an unpleasant run on the show from the beginning, clashing with creator Dan Harmon and overall not enjoying the show.

Other issues will be the timeliness of episodes. Because of the delay, the Halloween and Christmas episodes will air out of season, and topical parodies like the Hunger Games-themed episode will seem distant from their pop-culture counterparts.

Regardless of when are finally available to the anxious public, fans just want the show to broadcast. After being canceled and revived during the third season, then renewed for an abbreviated fourth, and continually pushed back by NBC, there is reason for concern over whether the show will ever air.

Watch the video here.