“Marvel Puzzle Quest” continues to be one of the most updated video games based on comic books, as developer “D3 Go!” will soon be introducing the All-New Wolverine to the game. Fans will be able to obtain the character this week, starting Wednesday, weeks before her comic book debut in November.

For those, who aren’t get updated with Marvel comics, the All-New Wolverine is Laura Kinley, who used to go by the codename X-23, according to the game’s official press release. Laura took up the mantle after the “Death of Wolverine” series, where the Logan died a heroic death, saving a number of possible victims from being killed by experiments sanctioned by Weapon X.

To honor his memory, Laura has decided to adapt a similar yellow costume to the one the original Wolverine used to wear. The only major difference seems to be the costume’s headpiece, which allows Laura’s hair to be shown.

While some may find it confusing to see the All-New Wolverine debut in a video game before her comic book arrive, it should be noted that this isn’t the first time Marvel has done this. The “Totally Awesome” Hulk is currently available in the game and his comic book doesn’t come out until December.

The All-New Wolverine isn’t the only new thing coming to “Marvel Puzzle Quest” as Touch Arcade has confirmed that there will be cosplay variant covers in the mobile game. This is to celebrate Marvel’s ongoing cosplay variant covers that they recently released, which gained acclaim from the cosplay and comic book community.

Cosplay characters in the game include Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Sam Wilson aka Captain America and more. All of the cosplay characters are three star leveled, making them fairly powerful to boot.

“Marvel Puzzle Quest” is currently available for both iOS and Android devices as a free download, so anyone can try it. The game will soon be debuting for the PS4 and Xbox One later this year as a downloadable game, which will cost $14.99 and won’t be reliant on in-app purchases, unlike the mobile game.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)