Allen Iverson's divorce drama has taken yet another turn. According to reports and documents attained by TMZ, Iverson filed a motion to dismiss the divorce case last week. In the documents, Iverson claimed that he and his wife Tawanna reunited between November 2011 and February 2012 and resumed their marital relationship, cohabiting, having sexual relations, and holding themselves out as husband and wife, which made Tawanna's statement that their relationship was irretrievably broken null and void. 

The divorce proceedings have progressed slowly since Tawanna first filed for divorce in 2011 to end her 10 year marriage with the former Philadelphia 76ers player. At the time,Tawanna told TMZ that despite rumors of Allen's infidelity, her decision to divorce had nothing to do with another woman, and was because of other differences between the couple.

 Cheating in the marriage had never been an issue, Tawanna said. Sometime people just grow apart and it's that simple.

Since then, Allen has made numerous trips to the courthouse for his financial troubles caused by missed child support payments, paychecks to a 50-person entourage that escorted him in public, and a reported gambling problem which have led him close to bankruptcy. Allen's latest decision to annul the divorce comes two weeks after Tawanna filed documents asking Allen to list the names, addresses and telephone numbers of every person that he had sexual relations with throughout their marriage until the date of the trial.

With the divorce, Tawanna is seeking child support and full custody for the couple's five children, according to reports by BET. A judge has yet to rule on whether Allen's claims are enough to break off the divorce proceedings.