Articles by Florence Madenga

London Olympics 2012: German Athelete Ariane Friedrich Names and Shames Stalker

German high-jumper Ariane Friedrich has publicly revealed the identity of the man she says harassed her and e-mailed her pictures of his genitals. The 28-year old athlete, who is the midst of training for London's Summer 2012 Olympics, posted the alleged stalker's name, e-mail address, his hometown, and excerpts from the e-mails she received, reported MSN news. She has also filed a criminal complaint with authorities, who are now investigating the matter.
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus

UCLA Apologizes for Mistakenly Sending Acceptance Letters to 894 Applicants

UCLA officials are apologizing for telling 894 high school seniors that they were accepted to the highly competitive college, when, in fact, they were still on the wait-list, reported Time Magazine. The mistake happened when the university emailed provisional financial packages to both admitted students and students on the waiting list last Saturday and Sunday. The e-mail included the line: Once again congratulations on your admission to UCLA, we hope that this information will assist you i...

Alex Sturrock May Be the Inspiration Behind Adele’s Heartbreak Songs

Alex Sturrock, a 31-year old photographer, is the muse behind Adele's award winning, album, 21, according to claims by Heat Magazine. The soul singer has notoriously remained tight-lipped about the name of the ex who she sang about in such heartbreaking songs as Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and Set Fire To The Rain. She has voiced that she wrote the album to get over a painful break up, reported the Telegraph.
Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson Wants To Stop Divorce, Claims He’s Still Intimate With Wife

Allen Iverson's divorce drama has taken yet another turn. According to reports and documents attained by TMZ, Iverson filed a motion to dismiss the divorce case last week. In the documents, Iverson claimed that he and his wife Tawanna reunited between November 2011 and February 2012 and resumed their marital relationship, cohabiting, having sexual relations, and holding themselves out as husband and wife, which made Tawanna's statement that their relationship was irretrievably...