A Texas fisherman has made an epic bow hunt, catching a 300-pound alligator gar almost as long as a small car. 

Crawford, who has been bow hunting since he was a child, did not plan to go fishing on Saturday, according to The Caller. But when a neighbor alerted him to some unusual activity in the nearby Corpus Christi Lake, Crawford grabbed his bow and arrow and went to investigate. 

Oh goodness, Crawford said while recounting the event to The Caller. That fish right there was worth chasing.

The fish he was referring to was a large female alligator gar, accompanied by five males. The gar was in bow range of the bank, but Crawford told The Caller that he needed to calculate his shot with an intricate strategy as an errant arrow could cause the prehistoric fish to attack. 

Before letting loose his 45 pound bowstring, Crawford followed the fish for 100 yards. I could see her the whole time, he said. But it was probably 45 minutes to an hour before I got my chance.

During this time the neighbor, who had summoned him, lost interest and left and thus there was no one to witness the epic catch, apart from Crawford's dog. 

When he finally let go of the arrow, he instantly hit the fish, who raced across the lack and pulled Crawford in headfirst. 

At that point I was just trying to keep my feet on the ground, Crawford said. There was no doubt who was in control and it wasn't me. It was a tug of war now.

As he struggled with the fish, he miraculously managed to pull out his cellphone, which was wrapped in a waterproof case in his pocket.As he straddled the fish he called his neighbor and asked him to bring the pistol he kept in his car. 

The neighbor came instantly and shot the Alligator Gar. They tied the 300-pound fish to a rope and dragged it to the house where they filleted it. They came short of breaking the overall state record for alligator gar, which was a 302 pound fish caught in 1953, according to The Caller.