Alyssa Milano, who is celebrating her 40th birthday on Wednesday, turned back the hands of time for her milestone birthday bash with a high school prom-themed party.

Thanks to husband of three years David Bugliari, the "Charmed" actress was surprised with a prom soiree for her first over the hill birthday. According to US Weekly, the bash was held at The London in West Hollywood on Friday.

"It's prom-themed because Alyssa didn't have a prom and hers would have been in 1990s," a source told US Weekly. "Everybody dressed up and everyone got a corsage when they walked in."

Those in attendance included Milano's pals Ludacris, Ken Jeong and Brian Grazer who danced to the tunes of DJ Vicious-Lee. A photo in Instagram showed four shots of the party, which was decked out with balloons, streamers, light up stars and curtains with a gymnasium themed floor. In prom-like fashion, the guests listened to songs from the 1990's and had a photo booth to capture images.

"Everyone had a great time!" a source said. "Alyssa was really surprised. She had no clue!"

Alyssa Milano married husband David Bugliari in August 2009 after dating for two years. The couple has a son named Milo, who is 15-months-old.