Amal Clooney has a new novel penned about her. Australian-born author Kathy Lette has partly based her romantic legal thriller “Courting Trouble” on the human rights lawyer. The author is a friend of the gorgeous barrister and has known her for several years.

“It’s about a woman in her 30s in the legal world trying to change the world and make it a better place,” the author said about the character, talking to People. Her heroine, Matilda “Tilly” Devine, is based on Amal, who is 37. Reviews have called Tilly a “leggy chocoholic barrister,” “ the alleged Amal surrogate,” “straight A, strait-laced" and a “dyed-in-the-wool feminist."

Lette became friends with Amal through her husband Geoffrey Robertson QC, founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers, where the lawyer currently works. Lette says Amal is not just drop-dead gorgeous but also very charming, funny and self-deprecating. She added that fame has not changed her at all and that Amal is very warm and down-to-earth. 

Described as  “game, gossipy, knows absolutely everyone,” by The Daily Telegraph, Lette said watching George and Amal is entertaining. Interacting with them is like “ watching a rom-com in front of you,” said the author. She had recently invited the couple for dinner and said it was very clear that the two are mad about each other, Vanity Fair reported.

Earlier, the London-based broadcaster had spoken about the dinner date between the two couples. “[George Clooney] clears the table and stacks the dishwasher,” the author told in a lighter vein.

Lette, author of 11 international bestsellers, has known Amal for several years and said it was no surprise that the Hollywood heartthrob had fallen for the 37-year-old lawyer. Talking about the barrister, she said she was wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, kind, compassionate girl and George was lucky.