Amanda Bynes might not be as loopy as previously believed -- according to her publicist Jonathan Jaxson.

The former child actress and expert wearer of blond wigs appeared to have been wrapped in the midst of a pretty upsetting meltdown the past few months. But it turns out it may all just be a publicity stunt. Now, why would you do that to us, Amanda?

Bynes apparently sent several text messages to her friend and publicist Jaxson, the Daily Mail reported. In them, she said her seemingly wild behavior was a trick she was playing to drive media interest in her antics. She said she wanted to increase her Twitter followers for a future movie role as well. Jaxson posted an alleged image of some of the text messages on the microblogging site:




One of the messages reads: “All this has been an act and you know it! I am an actress and know what I am doing.”
Another reads: “I got to 2 million followers and now everyone wants me, I am smart and not stupid. Everyone mentions my name. The world loves me!”
Jaxson is a longtime pal of Bynes, and he expressed the need to set the record straight through a series of tweets Thursday.

Jaxson was the one responsible for contacting police the night Bynes was arrested for allegedly tossing a bong out of her apartment window, the Daily Mail noted. He said he feared she was suicidal.

If it is all just one big joke, it would be welcome relief for fans concerned about the star’s mental state.

In recent months, Bynes has taken to her Twitter account to attack numerous celebs including singer Miley Cyrus, rapper Drake and model Chrissy Teigen -- although she did eventually walk back a few of the comments.

Meanwhile, InTouch Weekly reported that the actress was recently evicted from her apartment.