Today is National Amber Alert Awareness Day, when Amber Hagerman went missing 13 years ago, is now being remembered for that very reason.

Amber Alert Marks 13th Anniversary of Amber Hagerman's Death after Amber alert system has saved countless kids who have been kidnapped, and has led to a whole new fashion of police enforcement.

Amber was kidnapped and killed by a man in Arlington, Texas, who wasn't immediately caught, her body was found four days later in a creek bed with her throat slit.

Basically, the Amber Alert can be looked at as a child abduction bulletin that is spread around the United States and Canada the instant that law enforcement broadcasts it.

The public can now call (877) 3KIDSAFE and their information will go directly to the law enforcement jurisdiction in the county handling the kidnapping, said Sgt. Mark O'Connor, sheriff's Amber Alert coordinator.

The intent is to provide information and tips directly to detectives searching for abducted children and to give the public an easy number to remember.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Amber Alerts have been responsible for the return of 432 children nationwide and 176 in California since the program began 13 years ago.