“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham continued to bash co-star Amber Portwood on Instagram Tuesday. In her latest diss, the sex tape star compared Portwood to “Muppets” character Miss Piggy after part one for the reality TV show's Season 6 reunion special debuted Monday.

Abraham, 25, shared a meme that was created by one of her fans, also known as “Rah Rahs.” Tuesday's meme was a side-by-side picture of Portwood and Miss Piggy. At the top it read: “I am not Farrah.” Then the bottom said: “Definitely not. [You’re] Miss Piggy!”

Abraham added the caption: “Lmao I love fans they make the best s--- you can't say out loud. By the way, Iove Miss Piggy but not the knock off.” The post was liked thousands of times by her 782,000 followers.

Portwood, 26, and Abraham haven’t gotten along for years, but their feud picked up after they got into a battle at the reunion, which filmed in October. When Portwood talked about her short comings, she said she was better than Abraham. Her exact words were, “Like, I’m not Farrah Abraham,” which is where the Instagram diss comes from.

The Miss Piggy post was the second “I’m not Farrah Abraham” meme. In the first one, the sex tape star wrote: “She's sad that she's not. I'll pray for ya and everyone else like ya.”

Even though Abraham has unleashed two attacks on Portwood Tuesday, the Indiana native did not respond. Instead, she posted a screenshot of a heartwarming text message conversation she had with her 6-year-old daughter, Leah. “My little booboo is such a sweetheart,” she penned Tuesday. Her post was liked more than 20,500 times by her 964,000 followers.

Part two of the Season 6 reunion special will air Monday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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