"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood, 22, has given full custody of her daughter Leah, 3, to her ex-fiance Gary Shirley, the Inquisitr reports.

The nation has watched Amber Portwood struggle ever since MTV's cameras started rolling on the breakout show "16 and Pregnant." The cast from the season was so popular that MTV created a new series just for the girls that would follow them as young mothers, "Teen Mom."

It's evident that Amber Portwood has had the hardest time adjusting to life as a mother. She's been in and out of jail in addition to struggling with a drug addiction, which has placed her in rehab when the "Teen Mom" isn't spending time in jail.

Portwood was first arrested in November 2010 on felony domestic violence when MTV aired her on-screen abuse of then-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

The "Teen Mom" was arrested for a second time in December 2011 after she was caught with "a fairly sufficient amount of several different prescription pills" not prescribed for her. She went to jail for more than a month.

In the newest and presumed last season of "Teen Mom," viewers watch Amber break down as she begs her ex to let her see Leah.

But now that she's going to be going to jail for five years after a recent drug conviction, she won't be able to spend any time with little Leah, so she has decided it was best to give her sometime boyfriend Gary Shirley full custody, according to the Inquisitr.

It might be the best decision that Amber has made as Leah's mother.

Going to jail might be the best thing for the "Teen Mom." She told her fans she would use her time in the slammer wisely and get her GED, not to mention sober.

"I'm not just going to sit," Portwood assured viewers. "I'm going to substance abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."

Do you think going to jail for five years will help put Amber Portwood on the right track?