ABC’s “American Crime” is returning for a second season, but fans will be introduced to a brand new storyline with different characters. While Season 1 tackled race issues in California, Season 2 will cover the hot topic of sexual assault in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Come Jan. 6, viewers will meet Taylor Blaine (Connor Jessup), a high school boy who has “shocking photos” of him posted on social media. But the synopsis for the anthology series teases that things are much more complicated than that. Taylor accuses Kevin LaCroix (Trevor Jackson) and Eric Tanner (Joey Pollari), two boys on a private high school’s championship basketball team, of “drugging, assaulting and then posting the pictures of him online.”

And unfortunately things aren’t much better at the school that Taylor’s girlfriend, Evy (Angelique Rivera), attends. The teen is faced with racial tension in the halls. The series description explains “while the two schools at the center of the story are worlds apart in status, the lives of the students and teachers become inextricably linked.”

Season 1 star Felicity Huffman will be returning to “American Crime,” but this time as school headmistress Leslie Graham. It’s up to Leslie to “maintain the school’s reputation” as the establishment is faced with “accusations of privilege and cover up.” Fellow alum Regina King will also be returning. She’ll be playing Terri LaCroix, the mother of accused teen Kevin. Meanwhile, Timothy Hutton will be tackling the role of Dan Sullivan, the school's basketball coach.

For those that want to dive into the new season immediately, the premiere episode is already available on iTunes for free. Those that want to wait for the drama to unfold on-screen can catch episode 1 on ABC Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. EST.

American Crime Season 2 Joey Pollari plays private school basketball player Eric Tanner on "American Crime" Season 2. Photo: ABC American Crime Season 2 Felicity Huffman plays private school headmistress Leslie Graham on "American Crime" Season 2. Photo: ABC American Crime Season 2 Trevor Jackson plays private school basketball player Kevin LaCroix on "American Crime" Season 2. Photo: ABC American Crime Season 2 Regina King and Andre Benjamin play Kevin LaCroix's parents, Terri and Michael, on "American Crime" Season 2. Photo: ABC