"American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy loves his fans. The FX Emmy nominated series is currently shooting its second season and Murphy finally gave fans something they've been dying for - a photo from the set!

On Monday Murphy tweeted the following along with a photo:

"AHS exclusive: Two of our stars who started shooting today - - the multi-talented @adamlevine and Bloody Face!"

The photo shows a smiling Adam Levine holding a flashlight that is pointing at a creepy piece of "artwork" on a brick wall. In red paint is a nightmare worthy face that has little line marks over it that possibly depict stitches (think Lafayette's mouth on the recent episode of "True Blood"). Below the red painted image is the phrase "Bloody Face."

While we don't know who "Bloody Face" is, we do know that season two will be a whole new concept. Season two, which is slated to premiere in October, is said to be set in the 1960's in an East Coast institution for the criminally insane.

Levine is set to play one half of a couple called "The Lovers." His "lover" was recently revealed to be Channing Tatum's wife, "Step Up" star Jenna Dewan.

This is the first time that fans are hearing (or seeing) "Bloody Face." Since Murphy has kept that aspect of the series hush hush, we can only assume that it is the mark of one of the patients in the asylum, or it's some sort of figure that haunts all of them. Judging by Levine's smile, "Bloody Face" hasn't spooked him too much yet.

Levine and Dewan join fellow "American Horror Story" newcomers Joseph Fienes, Lizzie Brochere, Chloe Sevigny, James Cromwell, Chris Zylka, Britne Oldford, Mark Consuelos, Clea Duvall and Franka Potente.

Returning from the 17 Emmy Award nominated first season is Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto and Evan Peters.

Season two of "American Horror Story" premieres this October.