“American Horror Story: Coven” premieres on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 9, and more witchy details are leaking daily. The latest spoilers to be released? Details of Taissa Farmiga’s new character, Zoe Benson.

Taissa Farmiga, 19, starred in season one of “American Horror Story” as Violet Harmon, a self-destructive teen who ended up overdosing on drugs … and remained in her Los Angeles house as a ghost. Taking a season off from the FX mini-series, the actress is returning for season three as a young witch from Orlando, Fla.

As we previously reported, the season premiere will find Zoe losing her virginity and discovering in a “terribly horrible way” that she’s a descendant of the Salem witches. When her powers are revealed she’s shipped off to a special school in New Orleans – Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

When Zoe arrives she meets her fellow classmates:

Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) – a “spoiled brat movie star” who can move objects with her mind.

Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) – a human voodoo doll who can “inflict her wounds on the person who gave them to her.”

Nan (Jamie Brewer) – A girl with Down’s Syndrome who is clairvoyant.

Zoe will also come face-to-face with the Supreme witch, Fiona (Jessica Lange), who “embodies countless magical ‘gifts.’”

But what is Zoe’s witch power? According to E! Online, Zoe can “kill someone by having sex with them.”

“American Horror Story” fans can kind of get a peek at Zoe’s (accidental) magic in the “Burn” promo video which shows her passionately kissing her boyfriend … only to moments later be covered in blood and sobbing.

E! Online continues that Zoe’s new power will prove to be a problem for her, especially when she “immediately finds herself attracted to Evan Peters’ frat boy with a conscience Kyle.

“American Horror Story: Coven” premieres on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 10 p.m. What do you think of the latest spoilers on Taissa Farmiga’s season three character, Zoe? Let us know in the comments section.