“American Horror Story” returned on Wednesday, Jan. 8 with episode 10, “The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks.” Check out the top 7 moments of the night:

Marie Laveau’s Immortality

Ever wonder how Marie Laveau became immortal? Fiona’s been dying for her secret, and the Voodoo Queen finally shared it in episode 10. Marie explained that she had always dreamed of being immortal and when she had a baby she was visited by Papa Legpa, a Satan like character. Marie sold her soul for immortality and “unknowingly made a deal forged in hell.” The spell to become immortal came with the price of an innocent soul – her baby. Now once a year Marie pays her debt to Papa Legpa by supplying him with one baby.

Hank’s Identity Revealed

Cordelia is completely torn apart about Hank’s death, believing that the divorce talk lead him to take out his frustration at Cornrow City. However Marie drops the bomb that Hank was a witch hunter and that she hired him to extinguish the Coven.

In a surprising move, Fiona is more furious with Cordelia than she is with Marie. “You brought a viper into this sacred house,” she tells Cordelia, slapping her across the face.

But the issue with Hank is now bigger than they initially realized. “Hank was not some lone assassin with a grunge,” Fiona says angrily. “Witch hunters never act alone … We don’t have to waste our time with worker bees. What we have to do is find the hive.”

Cordelia digs up information on Harrison, Hank’s father and the CEO of Delphi Trust, an asset management company. Coming from a long line of carpenters dating back to the colonies in Salem, Harrison managed to turn his witch hunting heritage into a multi-billion dollar company in Atlanta. But now that the witches know about the company, Delphi is about to get hit with a ton of bricks.

Fiona and Marie team up to cast a spell to hit them where it hurts – their wallets. The result was the Corporation getting investigated by the FCC and losing 50% of their value in 10 minutes.

And while the Coven may be seeking revenge, they are also stirring the pot. “It’s time we finally deal with those witches,” Harrison warns David, his right hand man.

The White Witch

Misty knows very well that Fiona wants to hurt her, but the Swamp witch threw all her caution out the window when Fiona introduced her to one of her close friends – Stevie Nicks. Although she fainted upon meeting her idol, Misty was eventually able to compose herself and sit alongside Stevie as she sang “Rhiannon.” As Misty twirls and gets gifted with one of Stevie’s shawls, Madison is brewing with jealousy.

 “I’m a huge Eminem fan,” Madison says to Fiona with a bit of sass. “When does he get here?”

“Marshall?” Fiona asks. “He’s not your type. And more importantly you’re not the Supreme.”

Madison Vs. Misty

Misty knows that Fiona wants her dead. But what the swamp witch doesn’t know is that she’s also made enemies with Madison. Since dying Madison no longer has a heart murmur – which means that she is now eligible to become the next Supreme.

Power hungry and desperate to be the Supreme, Madison lures Misty to a cemetery where she shows off some of her new powers. Misty’s amazed when Madison opens a casket ready for burial and brings the man back to life. But nothing is more surprising than when Madison takes a brick and uses it to knock Misty unconscious. Stuffing her in the now empty coffin, Madison takes Stevie’s shawl and shuts the casket … leaving Misty to be buried in a mausoleum.

Nan’s Powers

Nan’s powers are growing and the young witch believes that she could be the next Supreme – and a good one at that. However Nan quickly turns dark when a visit to the hospital with Zoe results in the discovery of Luke’s death.

Coming up with a plan to get his body and bring it back to life, Nan and Zoe visit his mom. But unfortunately for Nan, Joan cremated the bodty.

“You b*tch,” Nan yells as she attacks her. “You killed him with a pillow.”

Nan uses her power to keep Zoe out of her way as she forces Joan to grab a bottle of bleach and chug it. With foam coming out of Joan’s mouth, Nan warns that she has to pay, that she has to be cleansed.

Fiona’s Meeting With Papa Legpa

Even after hearing Marie’s story of immortality, Fiona is still desperate to stay young and alive. “If you want it bad enough he’ll hear ya,” Marie warns the Supreme. And she’s right.

Like cookies for Santa, Fiona leaves out a plate of cocaine (the good stuff) for Papa Legpa … and he visits. Asking her what she wants, Fiona tells him immortality and tries to play the “head of the witches” card. But Papa Legpa doesn’t care about her title, he only care about her soul. Striking a deal similar to Marie Laveau’s, Papa Legpa moves in to seal the deal … but calls the deal off when he discovers that Fiona has no soul

Immortality Or Bust

Papa Legpa may have denied Fiona her wish but the Supreme always gets what she wants. “All you gotta do is find the young girl who is taking you down,” the Axeman tells his beau.

“Haven’t you heard?” Fiona asks him. “I have no soul. I’ll just kill them all.” And she doesn’t waste any time getting started.

Learning that Marie kidnapped a baby to hand over to Papa Legpa, Fiona offers the Voodoo Queen another option – Nan. Since Nan is adamant that she’s the next Supreme (and is bragging about killing the neighbor), Fiona and Marie work together to drown the young witch. However Papa Legpa isn’t initially happy with her soul. “She’s innocent for the most part,” Fiona insists. “ She killed the neighbor but the b*tch had it coming.”

“You two together can be trouble,” Papa Legpa muses as he takes Nan’s soul onward.

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