“American Horror Story” will return with a brand new episode following the show’s short winter hiatus on Wednesday, Jan. 7. And according to the released promo photos of episode 11, “Magical Thinking,” fans are in for one wild mystical installment.

Neil Patrick Harris will be making his spooky debut on the FX miniseries as Chester, the freak show’s newest owner. But that’s not all Chester has on his resume – he’s also a magician and a little bit of a freak himself.

During a promo video for tonight’s installment it was teased that Chester has a dark past, much like the other members of Elsa Mars’ (Jessica Lange) freak show family. However, his haunting history involves a ventriloquist dummy -- played by a beloved “AHS” alum!

That’s right! Jamie Brewer, who starred in both Season 1 and 3, will be appearing in a guest role during the fourth season of the critically acclaimed series – and we’re not going to lie, her story line is pretty insane! Apparently Chester has an infatuation with the doll, which we theorized might have something to do with his magical act.

In the “Magical Thinking” trailer it was revealed that Chester will be displaying the old saw-someone-in-half magic trick during a freak show performance. However, one of his runs goes terribly wrong. Instead of safely “sawing” someone in half, Chester ends the routine with a face full of splattered blood. Could that gruesome scene be a flashback from Chester’s past? And could that person in the box be Brewer’s character? Perhaps that’s why he’s so obsessed with the doll.

It was teased in the promo photos that Chester has another odd passion – his love for lizards. The freak show’s newest owner is seen donning what looks like a Chameleon around the camp. We found that very interesting because when it was first revealed that Harris would be appearing in Season 4 of “AHS,” his character Chester was described as a “chameleon salesman." Now we know where the chameleon description came from!

“He had very specific ideas for what he wanted to do,” the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed to TVLine. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy added that Harris is a magician and was very adamant about bringing his passion for tricks to the small screen. “He’s very interested in the show and obviously Neil is a magician and likes all that magic stuff. So he’s fascinated with that,” the showrunner explained.

Neil Patrick Harris will appear in episode 11, “Magical Thinking,” of “American Horror Story” when the “Freak Show” installment airs on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 10 p.m. EST. Check out the promo images below of Harris’ character, Chester:

american horror story season 4 spoilers Neil Patrick Harris as Chester in "American Horror Story" Season 4, episode 11, "Magical Thinking." Photo: FX

american horror story season 4 spoilers Neil Patrick Harris as Chester, Erika Ervin as Amazon Eve, Mat Fraser as Paul the Illustrated Seal in "American Horror Story" Season 4, episode 11, "Magical Thinking." Photo: FX