american horror story season 4 spoiles
Who will Chester (Neil Patrick Harris, not pictured) cut in half during the Season 4 winter premiere of "American Horror Story: Freak Show"? We think Legless Suzi (Rose Siggins) might be his victim. FX

Want to see a magic trick? Fans of the hit FX miniseries “American Horror Story” will get to see Neil Patrick Harris perform a classic one when he makes his “Freak Show” debut as Chester, the show’s newest owner with a dark and mystical past, in Season 4, episode 11.

Chester isn’t just Elsa Mars’ (Jessica Lange) newest boss, he’s also a magician – or at least, he claims he is. In the promo video for the episode “Magical Thinking,” viewers can see Chester performing the old saw-a-person-in-half trick. However, the act goes terribly wrong and soon Chester is splattered with blood in a gruesome scene that makes even Dandy (Finn Wittrock) shudder.

So, who did Chester slice in the episode 11 trailer? Well, we have our theories on who the unlucky volunteer is:

1. Legless Suzi (Rose Siggins) – Legless Suzi would make the ultimate volunteer for Chester’s act of sawing someone in half because of, well, obvious reasons. However, what if his trick went terribly wrong and she was cut in the process? In a photo from a spoiler-riddled “AHS”-themed Instagram account, a close-up of Chester’s victim was posted and it does resemble Suzi.

2. Audience Member – Magicians are notorious for asking crowd members to volunteer in their mystical acts. Perhaps Chester requested the help of a freak show patron to participate in his ghastly trick, resulting in the death of an attendee. (As if the freaks weren’t hated enough as it is!)

3. The Doll (Jamie Brewer) – We’ve theorized that maybe the bloody act was a flashback from Chester’s past. In the promo video for the Season 4 episode, it is revealed that Chester has a fetish for his ventriloquist dummy that looks exactly like “AHS” alum Jamie Brewer. Did Chester kill Brewer’s “Freak Show” character in his past? Is that why he’s so obsessed with the creepy doll?

Who do you think Chester will saw in half when “American Horror Story: Freak Show” returns on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 10 p.m. EST? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories of who will bite the dust in episode 11, “Magical Thinking.”