"American Idol" season 12 contestant Amber Holcomb shared some exciting news this weekend, sparking a handful of Internet haters to throw a few negative comments her way. 

The talented singer announced her pregnancy on Saturday, posting a photo of a sonogram on her personal Facebook page. 

"1+1=3?" read the caption accompanying the image. 


Though her friends and family welcomed the picture, a few people offered some hateful words for Holcomb. From questioning the future of her career to concerns about her choosing to share the news through a social network, the unexpected announcement led some to harsh criticism.

But Holcomb was undaunted, telling her followers she was excited about the news and not concerned about critics' opinions. 

"I'm happy. … That’s all that matters. … In the end it’s gonna be me and my child and whoever else wants to be there for us. I didn’t ask for this, but I consider it a blessing," she replied on the photo. 

More abuse was hurled at her on Twitter, with Holcomb once again stepping up to defend herself, telling one aggressive user that her "career is not over" and her talent will "never go away."

Holcomb came in fourth place on the show. She is currently touring with the rest of the season 12 cast as part of this year's American Idol Live Tour.