San Pedro was the last stop for “American Ninja Warrior” in Season 7’s city qualifying round. Last week's exciting Pittsburgh episode would be hard to top, but Monday was a special night for the NBC series. Episode 6 was military night for "American Ninja Warrior." Every competitor had a U.S. military affiliation and would be running for the city finals in the shadow of the USS Iowa battleship in the Port of Los Angeles. Who would advance to city finals this week?

The road to the city finals in San Pedro would be difficult with competitors facing the quintuple steps, the cargo net, the log runner, the peg board, the I beam cross, and, of course, the warped wall.

The most anticipated run of the night was that of Ryan Stratis. Stratis, a former Army National Guard captain, had competed in every single season of “American Ninja Warrior” coming into the night. His experience showed. Despite a slight trip on the log runner, the veteran methodically worked his way through the course and guaranteed himself a spot in the city finals. 

Watch Ryan Stratis' San Pedro run below:

However, the fastest time of the night was recorded by Robin Pietschmann. The Coast Guard swimmer, who made it to the Las Vegas finals in Season 6, blitzed through every obstacle of the San Pedro course, finishing in just over three minutes and five seconds. 

Watch Robin Pietschmann's San Pedro run below:

Dustin McKinney, competing on "American Ninja Warrior" for the last time before a multi-year tour on sea duty in the Navy, was aiming to return to Las Vegas in his second season. The Navy officer slowly, but surely, tackled every obstacle and earned a spot in the city finals. 

Watch Dustin McKinney's San Pedro run below:

All told, 10 atheltes completed the course including Stratis, Pietschman, McKinney, Caleb Hayre, Seth Caskey, Ahmed Toure, Matthew Jensen, Joel Blair, Steve Martin and Van Tran. 

Next up is the city finals as "American Ninja Warrior" prepares to revisit each city from the qualifying round. Fans will have to wait to find out who makes it to Las Vegas and Mt. Midoriyama. “American Ninja Warrior” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC. A replay of the San Pedro episode will air Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Esquire.