“American Ninja Warrior” shifted from Orlando to Pittsburgh for episode 5 of Season 7’s city qualifying rounds on Monday. With a couple of returning veterans headlining the episode, including "Weatherman" Joe Moravsky, fans were bracing themselves for some impressive runs. Who would advance to city finals this week?

The road to the city finals in Pittsburgh would be difficult with competitors facing the quintuple steps, the log grip, the snake crossing, the wind chimes, the devil steps, and, of course, the warped wall.

The most anticipated run of the night was that of Joe Moravsky, better known as "The Weatherman." The “American Ninja Warrior” veteran, who advanced further than any athlete in the Season 6 Las Vegas finals, hoped this year’s city qualifying round would be the first step in a repeat performance. Sporting a Mt. Midoriyama t-shirt, the Connecticut native handled the city qualifying course with ease, recording the second fastest time of the night! 

Watch Joe Moravsky's Pittsburgh city qualifying run below:

Michelle Warnky, who, along with Kacy Catanzaro, is among the few women to complete an "American Ninja Warrior" course and tackle the warped wall, was determined to break new ground once again. The former cross country athlete got off to a great start, navigating the snake crossing despite a nearly devastating trip. However, a slip at the very end of the devil steps ended her run an obstacle short of the warped wall. 

Watch Michelle Warnky's Pittsburgh qualifying run below:

The devil steps were also the achilles heel in one of the more inspring runs of the night -- Ryan Ripley. At the age of five, Ripley was not given long to live after being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. However, the now 26-year-old Missouri native has overcome the disease and then some. With his mother watching, Ripley made it all the way to the devil steps before a fall ended his run early. 

Watch Ryan Ripley's Pittsburgh city qualifying run below:

All told, over 22 athletes completed the Pittsburgh city qualifying course to advance to the city finals. Las Vegas finals veteran Elet Hall clocked the fastest time of the night, finishing in just over one minute and 22 seconds. Joe Moravsky was right on his heels with a time of one minute and 34 seconds. The list of athletes advancing included "American Ninja Warrior" veterans Brian Wilczewski, Mike Bernardo and Jamie Rahn.

Watch firefighter Mike Bernardo's Pittsburgh city qualifying run below:

Only one city remains in the city qualifying rounds -- San Pedro, California. Fans will have to wait to find out who makes the cut. “American Ninja Warrior” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC. A replay of the Pittsburgh episode will air Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Esquire.