Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg appeared on MTV News’ “Stoner Talk Show” to promote their coming movie “American Ultra.” The co-stars can be seen laughing and joking about getting high.

Host Josh Horowitz asked Stewart and Eisenberg several questions related to marijuana, as “American Ultra” is the story of a sleeper government operative, Mike Howell, who is a stoner, played by Eisenberg. Stewart plays his pothead girlfriend, Phoebe.   

When Stewart was asked whether “Twilight” would be a good movie to watch while one is high, she seemed to be at a loss for words. But she was quick to reply “definitely” -- imitating Christian Bale’s voice -- when the host asked whether Batman smokes pot. Eisenberg also joked that smoking pot has “clearly torn up his [Bale’s] voice."

Continuing in “stoner” character, the actors also discussed how the body parts, especially hands, are “like … weird,” MTV News reported.

Stewart was also asked, if given a chance, which parts of Eisenberg’s body she would prefer to eat. She noted that her co-star is a “skinny guy” but then soon added that she would “go for the ribs.” Eisenberg replied that Stewart is equally thin, so he might eat her shoes.

The actors also answered whether celebrating 4/20, the unofficial holiday for getting high, is “outdated or cool in a nostalgic sort of way?” Eisenberg felt that it was stupid, but Stewart disagreed. “It’s sweet though. Let’s hold onto the old school sentiments,” she said.

“American Ultra” hits theaters Aug. 21. See the video below:


Source: News