Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were not very well-known actors before they signed on to do “Twilight” movie series with producers Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. In a recent interview, the producers applauded the two actors for the choice of their work post-"Twilight."

It has been three years since Pattinson and Stewart last worked together for the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2," but Godfrey and Bowen are still in touch with the two actors. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR) the producers said they are connected to the actors “in the way you keep in touch with actors who have busy lives and are half your age.”

There is possibility that Stewart and Pattinson might work together with the producers again. The producers revealed that they all “catch up and try to find something else to work on together.” But Godfrey and Bowen are happy the way the “Twilight” actors have shaped their careers over the years.

“They've each been really smart about the way they've followed up their Twilight careers in that they've not jumped into big studio fare in general,” Godfrey said of Stewart and Pattinson. He is also happy about the choice of directors both actors have made; prioritizing the directors and movies “based on the movie, not the size of the movie.”

He then went on to applaud Stewart for winning a Cesar Award for her role in French movie, “Clouds of Sils Maria.” A Cesar Award is the French equivalent to American Oscars. “Kristen being the first American actress to win a Cesar was pretty f— cool.”

The produced also talked about Pattinson's achievements in his career and said they are really happy with the kind of people he has worked with in his younger days. “And Rob's just worked with a string of people you'd want to be on your filmography when you're done,” Godfrey added. Godfrey and Bowen are currently working on “Paper Towns,” which stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff.