Looking to find the most frightening haunted houses for Halloween this year?

You may recall being blindfolded and reaching into a plate of spaghetti guts or plowing through fake spider webs strewn across the hallway of your elementary school.Today, high-tech effects and costume makeup make some of these haunted houses look like the set of Saw or Hostel.

Many of these houses aren't just set up with actors for a quick fright on Halloween, but are known as professional ghost-hunter havens -- Meccas of the paranormal -- attracting enthusiasts and professionals alike by the intrigue of a truly haunted house. Taking a picture might leave you spooked to find translucent globes. You may leave hearing sounds of ominous spirits of the dead.

Commercial haunted houses began in the 1970's as an attraction at charity events. The industry changed when Internet access allowed houses to become mainstream and get the same attention as Disney's Haunted Mansion. Haunted houses can now be found that have the same caliber of special effects as Hollywood's best horror films, with effect crews that could rival a Kiss or Ozzy Osbourne concert.

Not all of the haunted houses are set up for fun and pleasant scares however; the Hell House in Cedar Hill, Texas treats visitors to reenactments of suicides and abortions, terrifying guests with horrific images of sin -- after which, tour visitors have the opportunity to be saved and reach salvation, avoiding an eternity of the horrific images.

Whether you are a believer in ghosts and spirits or not, these haunted locations are sure to make even the manliest of men squeal and cringe in terror. So start the adrenaline and rush to one of the most haunted houses in America.