by Rob Inh00d

This ultramodern and picturesque city is unmistakably the world's most famous tourist hub and also happens to be the prime cultural and economic center of Europe. The charming city is built almost entirely along canals, connected to the waters of the North Sea. Home to more than 700,000 Dutch, foreigners and moving tourists, Amsterdam is a dream-come-true for the art lover. Its charming old-world streets and canals are perfect for lovers. So whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it here!

Bikes outnumber people here - 1 million bikes as opposed to 700,000 people!

If global warming continues to raise the sea level, it won't be long before Amsterdam turns into another Atlantis and is lost forever. It would be one of the first cities to be flooded as most of the city is completely flat and the lowest point in Amsterdam is 6.7 meters below sea level.

Amsterdam has a great lodging option for everyone from the loaded businessman to the not-so-loaded backpacker. However, accommodation space is pretty tight from Easter to summer, so book in advance.

Amsterdam is a city with many faces - world port, financial hub and a cultural fountainhead - in short, Tourist Paradise. Here's a sneak preview. The Rijksmuseum of art and history needs at least a couple of hours to take a look at the impressive works of the Dutch masters. Be sure not to miss viewing the famous Rembrandt work Night Watch. This museum also holds a varied collection of Italian, Spanish and Flemish paintings as also ceramics, sculpture and prints. The Dam Square is the main square of the city and it's a great idea to hang around here to get the pulse of the city! Take a stroll down the square and walk into the many shops that circle the area. Amsterdam is stuffed with antique shops and interesting boutiques.

When you are done with the museums and churches take a trip to the prettiest part of Amsterdam! Since the capital city is built along more than 80 kms of canals, the best way to view the city would be to take a canal boat and sail comfortably under the bridges! Don't forget that raincoat or umbrella, as sudden showers are the order of the day!

Getting there

Amsterdam has one of the largest and most impressive international airports in the world, Schiphol. Almost all world carriers fly to Amsterdam. The city is connected very well by rail; the Eurostar operates from London and the journey takes less than 7 hours. The Netherlands has a well maintained highway system and driving is perhaps one of the best ways to get there! However, getting around the city by car is not the best thing to do, mainly because of the narrow streets, one way roads, canals and spare parking facilities. Opt for a train, tram or bus. We're sure you'll be better off on foot, or even better hire a bike or a bicycle! That's probably the best way to get around.